Turn Your Campus 2013!!

Today was a very refreshing day, starting with the rain. I just love the fresh rain smell! And another great day to hear some inspiring words from Propaganda, a christian hip hop artist, at Turn Your Campus. Here is a video of Propaganda's most famous works.

Turn Your Campus is a conference for middle school and high school kids, and for youth leaders. it's full of worship and surrounded with great people. Propaganda spoke and made some strong points. He spoke about being present in wherever and whatever we're doing, and as a Christian, no to shy away from the culture and huddle together, but get involved with the things you love and try to be a light in that area. Going to a public college, there are many things to get involved with, and many other things that could lead me away from Christ, but we should be more strong in our trust of our Lord.

It was a really great time being with people from our church and just being in an uplifting environment. I wish all of you could've been there to experience it.