Sam- Thrift Shop Upcycle!

Church was great today. We've been doing a study called "Guardrails".

 It's a study of the kings of Israel, and their character. The pastors have picked out things that they have done wrong, and right. Today we learned more about King David, and how even though he messed up so many times throughout his reign. He still managed to turn to God for forgiveness, and forgive himself and move on. He was able to give up his whole life to God, and not just 33% or 80%, but 100%. He was a man after God's heart. I think once I'm married and if I come to the decision to have children. If I have a boy, i want to  name him David. I like the Godly connotation to it.

I also went to Savers today and I've been wanting to make a bow frame for all of my bows, and what better store to get a frame than Savers? I'll post a tutorial on how to make one once I finish.

I also got this super cute elephant figurine:

I really love elephants and have other little elephant trinkets. But this past year the like turned into loved and I have too many elephant things to even count!

Tomorrow I go back to school, I really am not looking forward to it... but oh well. Just go with the Flow.